We need Sri. K Sudakaran as our K P C C President

To Rahul Gandhi

As you know the growth of congress is going down and down day by day . The performance of congress as opposition is also so weak . Booth level working is stopped before long .Totally the congress party can't face next election and make a good result in this condition .

Hope all the leaders in Kerala and the AICC representatives in Kerala is well aware of the issue . Its a fact that people in the basic level will flow to other parties if they don't have a strong Leader .

In Kerala , congress have lots of leaders but how many of them have the skills for a perfect leader ? Currently we are facing the absence of a Leader who have all the qualities like mass support , great oral speech , sudden political movement ,clean image,attracting youth etc .

V D Satheeshan ,K Muraleedharan and K Sudhakaran are right candidates for KPCC president .

Now the people of Congress in Kerala eagerly waiting for K Sudhakaran as KPCC president .He know well how to tackle the CPM and BJP simultaneously and he is doing that for a long time in Kannur ,Kerala . Upto 2014 any other congress leaders faced only CPM in Kerala but Sudhakaran is facing and fighting with both CPM and BJP for years . He is a crowd-puller and he can bring kerala youth to Congress . If you check his previous speeches you can notice that he is a good orator and he know how to take people in hand with emotional speech .

Please check the this survey conducted by a leading online media in Kerala .


In this 54% of people voted for K Sudhakaran . If the Congress committee feel it is fake , please conduct a survey under party members itself .Otherwise please conduct election for KPCC President post .

3 years ago
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