Save Our Principal & Leader of Manierre Elementary School

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Principal Orr was renowned for taking a school on the chopping block for closure four years ago. Manierre was one of 54 schools being considered to close but was saved at the 11th hour after Principal Orr made the case for keeping the school open. Since then, Principal Orr has totally turned the school around. The school is now in full compliance with CPS standards. He also uses his own money every year to help pay for college trips for Manierre's eighth-graders in efforts to encourage them to stay in school. Principal Orr is such a phenomenal leader. He not only cares for the students and staff at Manierre---he is also very well respected and admired in the community. The students at Manierre adore Mr. Orr. He is seen as a father figure to many of the young boys and girls at our school who do not have one. He is never NOT working for the betterment of Manierre School. He works diligently to ensure he gives our youth every opportunity to experience situations outside of the norm. He works nonstop to expose the children of Manierre to things they may never see. 

Here is the issue:

Principal Orr has been flipping houses in recent years and recently spent time in a house in the south suburbs, prompting a CPS residency investigation. Principal Orr has been working for CPS for over 15 years and has never been questioned about residency. It's no coincidence that at the brink of his success with Manierre, the board decides to bring this residency issue into play, threatening to fire him. Manierre went from being a level 3 school on nearing a level one school with the preliminary testing scores. It's's classless...and it shows the district does not truly care about whats most important---and that's the students. We are pleading with you to get anyone and everyone you know to please sign this petition to keep our leader, Principal Orr at Manierre. He has worked very hard to get the school where it is today. He has built countless partnerships with so many people. Please sign and share with all your family and friends. It would be greatly appreciated!

I have also attached the article about the incident below.


4th Grade Team @ Manierre School

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