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Rollback and completely wipe all RO PH accounts

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On June 20, 2017, Ragnarok Online Philippines opened their CBT servers to the public. The server administrators gave 30,000 Rok Points (equivalent to PHP3,000) for FREE to each CBT account so that their players could test their game with ease. They promised to completely wipe all accounts after the CBT to ensure that a fair and fresh start will be available to everyone when they officially launch the game.

On June 29, 2017, Ragnarok Online Philippines officially opened their game servers to the public. Just several minutes into the launch, players have discovered that the game administration wiped only the characters, not the item storage of the accounts. This means that all stored items, including those purchased using the FREE Rok Points given during the CBT period, were accessible in the official launch. The RO PH team was informed about this immediately and they performed an emergency maintenance, but they failed to properly address the situation. The RO PH team simply wiped all the accounts' storage, which means:

  1. All stored items that were only obtained during the official launch that were stored were wiped when they shouldn't have been.
  2. All stored items from the testing period that were transferred to the users' inventories/cart were not deleted when they should have been.
  3. Items from the testing period could have already been used to gain an unfair advantage in the game (FREE unlimited potions, FREE XP rings and manuals, etc.). These items could also have been traded to other players, or even sold to NPCs for zeny.

This incident created an unfair gaming environment from the get go. Hundreds or even thousands of players who didn't spend a single centavo now have access to in-game items that cost possibly thousands of pesos. They could have possibly sold loots gained during the CBT period for hundreds of thousands or even millions of zeny. They are currently able to take advantage of said items in order to gain an edge in the game. Meanwhile, players who did not join the CBT period are at a huge disadvantage despite the fact that the RO PH team promised a fresh start for everyone when they officially launch. In addition, players who spent real money in order to buy the very same items are being forced to just "deal with it", with no real resolution in sight at the moment.

We urge the administrators of Ragnarok Online Philippines to initiate a rollback and completely wipe all RO PH accounts to ensure that we all have a fair gaming environment to play in. I am sure all legitimately purchased Rok Points could easily be refunded to the players' accounts so this should not be a cause of concern at all. An EXP event should be able to compensate for the levels gained by the players as the servers have only been up for around 12 hours as of this posting.

Sign this petition now to help make the newly launched RO PH servers become fair, competitive, and attractive to new and old players alike.

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