Jamshedpur doesn't need any government municipality.

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Stay away, Dipak Mishra, Prashant Bhushan and Pranav Sachdeva. Neither of you guys are from Jamshedpur and nor have you ever lived in this city.

Jamshedpur doesn't need any government municipality. Our city was always a leading example of how a completely privatised city can rise without any government support. For ages, Tata's vision to develop this city has been successful. Forming a large part of East Singhbhum district, Jamshedpur has been home to a many thriving enterpreneurs of 1200 SSIs.

Our tap waters have the third best quality in the world after Tel Aviv and Zurich. The water supplied in Jamshedpur has a total dissolved solids (measure of combined content of inorganic and organic substances) count of less than 150ppm while the world standard is 500ppm. We never needed to have water purifiers and personally speaking, I have always drank water from tap in my childhood.

Regarding health, sanitation, parks etc, everything is pretty affordable here compared to the bigger cities. One of the foremost producers of steel, Jamshedpur is also known as Pittsburgh of the East. Our city was even ahead of Sydney, Australia in 2008 under UN Model Township.

This is just the ploy of politicians to win municipal elections in a large battleground of one million people, saving money out of East Singhbhum's surplus and distributing amongst other districts. We want to ask this Dipak Mishra what are his plans after he establishes a government municipality and why is he taking Bhushan's words seriously? This is because we are doing better than some of the other districts of the entire nation without a government municipality. All those sweet sounding words of what municipality has in store for us has already been maintained in a better manner.