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Petition from the fans of Newcastle United Football Club

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This petition is addressed to the club's coach Rafael Benitez.

Dear Rafael,

For 125 years, our club has never tired of pleasing our hearts with its game. We are experiencing ups and downs, but we stay with the club forever.

In the most difficult times, the fans gave the last thing they had for the sake of the club. However, we can not affect some things. Things as the choice of players who deserves playing in the starting lineup, formation on the field or choosing a penalty shooter.

Contrary to this, we believe that the most obvious problem is the cargo which is one single player of the club. A player who continues to perform at the highest level for unknown reasons. It's about Joselu.

Thousands of fans around the world despise him and are no longer able to give him a chance. He has exhausted the trust limit. The match against Burnley was another indicator of his lack of talent in front of the whole city, England and the world.

We want to preserve the great name of the club and demand that we immediately abandon the services of Joselu as a club player. We no longer want to watch him hurt all those who came to the stadium to support their club.
You can send him into a youth team (we do not mind that he continued training), but no one ever again wants to see him at St. James Park. There are many forwards who dream of playing at the first squad, but for some reasons they are forced to leave for Blackburn or Belgium... So why?

We do not want to offend your professionalism and argue with your opinion, but there are things that are more visible from the outside. If you do not dare to respect our decision, then why should we continue to respect yours?

With the hope that you are not indifferent to our destiny,
Faithful fans of Newcastle.

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