Isolate Apartheid Israel

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Israel continually violates international laws and so therefore should be isolated from all international communities

Ever since its formation, and especially since the 1948 war, Israel has been colonizing and annexing Palestinian homes and lands, driving their owners and residents out by force and prohibiting their return, building settlements on their lands and, more recently, constructing a separation wall which annexes land and prevents villagers' access to their natural resources and their livelihood. Demolishing houses, destroying graveyards, terrorizing and harassing civilians on a daily basis, imposing sieges, curfews and closures on whole towns and agricultural lands, and severely restricting freedom of movement are all part of the routine oppression of the Palestinian people carried out by Israel. All these violations of civil rights as well as human rights and are accompanied by killing, wounding, maiming, and imprisoning, kidnapping thousands, including children. 

Israel is an apartheid state. It continually violates international laws and should therefore be isolated from all international communities - just like South Africa was during the apartheid era.

We have a responsibility to ensure that no people should fall victim to an evil such as apartheid.

We hereby request the isolation of Israel from international communities and removal of the Israeli apartheid illegal state.