Radiology Mishaps NoMore!

Radiology Mishaps NoMore!

October 2, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Tashilah Smith

Hospitals Deserve a Profound Radiologist on EVERY floor. Principally, the ER.

21 year old dental careerist stepped into what she thought was a small fracture, when in reality she was distraught at the information given from the orthopedic surgeon…

A surgical misplacement in the bones of her ankle had been broken , and fragmented instead.. Receiving a emergency surgery two abrupt days thereafter. 

feeling unworthy , unbalanced, and melancholy at the fact that her X-rays taken had been misread by an RN and technicians instead. 

read by unqualified, ill-informed, professionals who couldn’t properly deliver expertise results in a knowledgable way. 

If required radiologists were on every floor, mainly the  ER. where cases are handled more abruptly. 

Experiences where we have young beings dismissed with only an air cast for support, for four agonizing  days , without crutches or a boot for a broken ankle shall be frowned upon….

Misleading X-ray results can further lead to damaging mishaps. causing permanent unnecessary aftermath anyone would be terrified accepting. 

What if this wasn’t properly placed in the hands of the along the right line specialists ?

I am Tashilah Smith

please, may we take a stand. 

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Signatures: 18Next Goal: 25
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