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#wearenotwhores Do you have a sister? daughter? granddaughter? Well then you may stand with me in this too... Yesterday I sat in the car listening to Radio 1 and this new ‘hit’ WAP by female artists, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion came on. Having just read the lyrics and watched the new music video... I feel the urge to stand up for the girls and women of this generation. The fact that I could’ve been driving my little 8 year old sister at the time, even with the ‘radio edit’, makes me feel sick. Wether she is 8 or 80 - I couldn’t bare her singing along to this. My heart would break. Would yours?

As an 18 year old girl myself, we need to KNOW OUR WORTH!! Radio 1 do you not agree? Do you seriously want to encourage the concept of raising up “whores” and to be known for playing extremely explicit ideologies during the early afternoon?

Please stand with me as I make a stand for girls all over the world and petition to ban this song from being played on the radio, or at least a watershed to be put in place. We can do so much better!

Let’s protect innocence and promote self-worth. #wearenotwhores