Radio Disney: Stop promoting oil and gas extraction to kids in your musical roadshow

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Join with parents and families worldwide to demand a strong climate agreement in Paris!

In less than two months, leaders from throughout the world are gathering in Paris to propose plans to confront climate change. Coming at the end of what will be the hottest year on record -- with climate impacts like extreme drought, fires, floods and storms rising -- the stakes have never been higher.
 Previous international climate conferences have produced very few results. For the sake of our kids and grandkids, this one must be different. Please sign the petition to tell world leaders to take strong action immediately to protect our kids’ climate: The time for timid measures and delay is over. That’s why last week, we teamed up with 13 other parent and grandparent groups across the world to launch a global petition to demand commitments in Paris and beyond that are strong enough to protect all children and future generations from catastrophic climate change. The Our Kids’ Climate petition calls on leaders to governments to act on the science by committing to a world powered by 100% clean, renewable energy. Please sign the petition to stand with parents, grandparents and families worldwide in demanding that decision-makers to do what is necessary to protect the climate all children, everywhere. Sign the petition to protect Our Kids’ Climate: Thank you for taking action! Warm regards, Lisa and John

Climate Parents
6 years ago