Get More Opportunities For Up And Coming Australian Musicians!

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Did you know that up and coming Australian musicians do not get a wide range of opportunities to perform live? Did you know they are not played on the radio as often as many overseas artists?

“The bad news is that it is very difficult for new Australian artists to gain interest at commercial radio straight out of the blocks these days," said Warner Music's Commercial Marketing & Senior Catalogue Manager Scott McLennan. 

"But in one way it’s harder because there are more people doing it so, therefore, the competition’s a little more fierce,” said Adelaide writer, producer Matt Khabbaz, known as Tigerilla about the opportunities to perform live.

"I’d like commercial radio to support more local music and take more chances with backing new music from new artists," said Nate Flagrant, manager of many up and coming and successful artists including Ruel, Dylan Joel, M-Phazes and Quinn.

If you love Australian music and love seeing your favourite local artists as much as I do we must take action to support our beloved industry! 

By signing this petition, you are sending a message to radio stations and the South Australian Government to give more opportunities for our home-grown Aussie artists.

Please sign this petition to show your support and help us make a difference for all the talented musicians who deserve to be heard!