Remove Kimberly and Beck from radio for good

Remove Kimberly and Beck from radio for good

June 2, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Regan Howlett

It's well known in the Rochester community and outlying suburbs that Kimberly and Beck have a long history of bigoted content. In 2014 they were fired from 98.9 the BUZZ for trans-phobic comments. Most recently Kimberly asked if several black men from a news story in which a white woman called them the n-word were "acting n-word-ly." Beck called the men thugs, and when confronted by another host, he doubled down on his use of the racist term. They need to go, anybody who has heard their show for 5 minutes knows.

We cannot stand for this type of hate speech. Radio 95.1 needs to remove Kimberly and Beck immediately, and they need to be black listed. Take one look at the radio station's Facebook page and you will see the type of dangerous language being perpetuated.

Here is a rough transcript and link to the segment:

B: You can hear it, 4th man also confirmed. You know she called them the n word, that’s when they really went after her.

K: Ok let me ask you a question

B: Yeah

K: Were they acting n-word-ish? There’s your question.

B: They were acting thugger-ly like. They’re thugs!

K: Were they acting n-word-ly?

B: Yeah, and by the way…

Other guy: You can’t say that what are you doing?

K: Were they acting that way?

Other guy: NO, d-d-d you can’t say that! Also stop saying thugs that’s part of the problem!

B: NO, they’re thugs! If you look like a thug and if you act like a thug and you’ve got three unwanted beatin up a white woman with a 2X4 then by god youre a thug.

K: And by the way there are people in the black community that would say they’re acting n-word-ly

Other guy: But, but they can say that, you can’t say that!

B: It’s double standard, I was gonna say if..

Other guy: it doesn’t matter!

K: I don’t appreciate the double standard.

Other guy: It doesn’t, who cares!

B: If she had been a black woman the n-word wouldn’t have been that big a deal, they would have walked away. But a white woman calls three black guys the n-word, bam, we’re going back.

Other guy trying to interject: You can’t say it! Can’t say it!

K: But they were acting that way.

Other guy: No they…you don’t understand the meaning of that.

K and B: Oh we understand!

K: Oh I understand the meaning of that word very well.

Other guy: I’m telling you.

K: I understand the meaning very well.

Other guy: I’m gonna apologize for anyone offended by that

B: No one’s offended…

Other guy: I’m gonna apologize for that.

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Signatures: 125Next Goal: 200
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