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Immediate install of safety buzzers on each bus.

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On August 28th, 2012, student Kaine Claytor fell asleep on Radford City bus #6 after being picked up for school. The bus unloaded at Bell Heth Elementary school, then driven to the bus hub to be parked for the day. Kaine remained asleep on the bus, and the driver did not make a required walk-through to check the bus to make sure it was all clear of students. The 11-year-old boy continued to sleep for 4 hours, until the heat of the day, when he awoke startled, lost, and sweating in the extreme heat. Upon exiting the bus, Kaine found himself lost, afraid, and alone. After finding a landmark, he was able to realize his location to make the 3-mile walk home. Luckily, for Kaine, this story has a happy ending. However, another child may not be so lucky. What if a child suffocated in the heat? What if the child were hit by a car walking lost through busy traffic? What if a child predator had pulled alongside a lost, scared child and offered him a ride? As a community, we can not afford for our public schools, people we trust with the welfare and safety of our children once they step on that bus until they arrive home on that bus, to ignore the seriousness of this situation. The simple solution to this situation is to install a safety-check buzzer on the back of each school bus. These buzzers are set off once the bus is parked and turned off. The driver is then forced to walk to the back of the bus to turn the buzzer off before they can exit the bus. This also forces the driver to inspect the bus, and a sleeping student could not go unnoticed. We, as a community, demand that Radford City School install this safety feature on each and every bus in their fleet. Kaine's story could have ended so badly! Take action NOW before this happens again and turns into a tragedy! Please sign this petition, and pass it along to your friends, family, and neighbors!

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