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Council Incompetence Causes Death Of Good Samaritan

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Over the past 40 odd years the people of the Tolga community in the north Queensland tablelands have suffered from continual and increasing dangers for our residents and passing motor vehicle drivers lives and property due to neglect from local council, even after many years of complaints from the community about the dangers of this main road (Kennedy Highway).

This lack of action has caused strife for everyone including the loss of crops and livestock, flooding of property and houses, car accidents and now most recently the tragic loss of a Good Samaritan who tried to slow down traffic and warn others of the dangerous flooded highway. This horrific accident caused by the blatant ignorance and inaction of Tableland Regional Council.

We demand on behalf the Tolga community that steps be taken to ensure the safety of residents and passing motorists, council are obligated to resolve the issues surrounding the dangers faced by the community in regards of access to main road (Kennedy Highway) and flooding.

As a community we propose the following changes be made:

  • Stomwater flow from local subdivisions be diverted into Rocky Creek rather than onto Main road to stop continual flooding.
  • Access ways and proper drainage needs to be redone into Pillinger and McDonald roads according to legal requirements of Main Roads.
  • The 100km speed zone be moved beyond the boundaries rural-res and high impact zones.

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