NO For Big BOX Liquor in Cockburn

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Protect Small Family Business
We already have enough CHOICE & Convenience.
Prevent Sale of Cheap Liquor

Big Box Liquor Outlets Sell Liquor Below Cost to shut down Competing Small Business. Then once they have the monopoly in a few years time your cheap prices will go UP! They can Sustain Loss of Profit for many Years, Small Business Can't.

How Many big box Liquor stores Support and Sponsor you local Clubs?
How Many Big Box Liquor Outlets Donate & Support Community events?

How is it Job Creation when Already established Liquor outlets will cut back on staff to cover the Loss of Sales?

Every time you shop at a Local Business that money Stays in YOUR LOCAL Economy Promoting Growth!

Every time you shop at a Chain Store, a Large sum of that money lines the pockets of Share Holders & In Most Cases a Large Sum of money Leaves the country all together to foreign investors.

The government is doing little to Protect Small Business in General! 

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