Racial Justice for Suzy and Peter Theodoro (Saad)

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On November 9th, 2018 Sofia was Taken…

The State of Connecticut more specifically Middlesex Hospital in Middletown Connecticut, removed Sofia from her mother via forced C-section claiming it was an emergency.
After that, they proceeded to falsely accuse Suzy and her Egyptian US. born husband of being a Muslim terrorist and Suzy a drug addict.
They claimed Sofia was being neglected and was in danger. Yet the only reason they wrote on the report for taking Sofia was that the “parents were uncooperative”.

They were profiled, treated like criminals and this educated middle-class couple were shocked in disbelief from what was happening to them. 

The truth is, Suzy is NOT a drug addict nor has she ever been. It’s simply a ridiculous claim. Peter is a Christian American citizen who happens to be of Egyptian descent. He is a loving husband and father. Peter and Suzy Theodoro have never been under any kind of investigation for child neglect in Tennessee or in any other court system. There was no probable cause to feel that Sofia was going to be neglected or in danger. They have been loving parents to two children already.

Sofia is STILL in state custody after 1 /12 years. 

Judge, Norma I. Sanchez-Figueroa helped DCF and Middlesex hospital hide their lies and keep Sofia away from her family. She has a close personal relationship to the foster mother who is a possible relative.
Truth: The judge presiding over this case, Norma I. Sanchez-Figueroa needs to recuse herself from this case. She is not giving the Theodoro’s a fair trial and favoring her 50 years an old (possible) family member, already the mother of three,  so she can have a baby.

and she needs to be at home with the Theodoro’s. 

Not with a Connecticut government agency that has gone out of control and refuses to admit their error. They have stolen so much time from the Theodoro’s.

Please sign this petition and help bring Sofia home.