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Ban MRA Cassie Jaye from Australia

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A brilliant and successful petition started by Susie Smith has managed to stop Palace Cinemas from screening the misogynistic documentary 'The Red Pill'. The film is made by Cassie Jaye and puts the anti-feminist hate-group known as Men’s Rights (MRA) in a positive light. Please find the link here: http:

Unfortunately, the supporters of this film have found another venue, allowing them to spout their hateful propaganda. In a country where 1 in 3 women will experience violence from a man and 2 women a week are murdered by their significant partner we MUST stand against this kind of misogyny. We must make it clear to the world that this kind of disgusting rhetoric spouted by this film and its film-maker Cassie Jaye will not be tolerated in Australia.

As a way to fight back we must go to the source and make sure the MRA film-maker Cassie Jaye is banned from Australia. Don’t be fooled by her appearance and demeanour, she’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing and is the latest in the line of MRAs such as Julian Blanc and Roosh V who had their visas revoked by Peter Dutton.

Please help us show your support by signing this petition. We will then forward it to Peter Dutton, the minister of immigration, and ensure Cassie Jaye is banned from ever entering Australia.

For further information, please see the link below:

And for Cassie’s association with MRA’s and white supremacist hate groups:

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