Driver's Licence for Refugee Claimants residents of the province of Alberta

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People who possess the temporary migratory status of Refugee Claimant (IMM 1434), as well as the rest of the residents of the province of Alberta, have access to be issued and possess a driver's license in the province.

The reasons for this petition is that many cases take months and even years to decide and to live without being able to have a driver's license violates the principle and the right that facilitate these people to live with equality and dignity, and thus be able (among others):

1.    Identify themselves as Alberta residents.

2.    Prove their address

3.    Driving a vehicle

4.    Obtain a job that requires a driver's license.

5.    Transport themselves and their families

6.    Acquire goods or services that require an identification from the province

7.    Rent a place to live with dignity

8.    Open a bank account

9.    Identify and demonstrate their address before the authorities

This will also bring the following benefits to the province:

1.    A segment of the population that is better identified

2.    Fewer people depending on government financial aid

3.    Less incidence of drivers without a license in the streets

4.    Greater control for the authorities

5.    Higher income by the process of obtaining a driver's license & ID card

This petition only responds to a request for equality and we do not expect to claim privileges or advantages over the rest of the inhabitants of Alberta.

Our neighboring provinces allow Refuge claimants to have a driver's license and this practice has brought benefits to all.