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Lice Letter sent to Parents Immediately when 1 Student in Classroom has Lice, Kane Cty IL

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The current Head Lice protocols in our Public Schools in Kane County Illinois are inadequate, inefficient and ineffective against ending the spread of Head Lice in our Schools. Please sign this Petition, in doing so we are asking that our Public Schools modify their Policy which is currently: an Active Head Lice letter is sent home to Parents to inform them that someone in their child's class has Head Lice when 3 or more students with active Head Lice are discovered in that class within a week. Also If/when that happens, it is up to the School's Principal to decide whether or not a notice should be sent. In signing this petition, we ask that Parents be informed via letter within 24 hours at the 1st report of Head Lice being in their child's Classroom. This way, we parents may take reasonable steps i.e. putting child's long hair up, instructing child to keep their coat in their backpack instead of on the hook and of course, frequent Lice checks in order to stop and prevent the spread of lice. After speaking with SD 129's office I learned that they reevaluate the School's Health Policies in January for the following School Year at a Countywide (Kane) Nurses Group/Health Dept. meeting and was advised that they will bring this issue up. I want to do more than just wish and hope that the right thing be decided, let's make it happen! Tell us when there is Lice in our child's classroom! Please and thank you! I was informed that the school district follows what the County agrees to so please we ask you to make this change!

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