Make It A Mandatory Duty - Provide Parents With Copies Of Adoption Certificates

Make It A Mandatory Duty - Provide Parents With Copies Of Adoption Certificates

15 January 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by michele simmons

I would like to see it that- policy around adoption certificates, so that every agency and council is under a mandatory duty to provide parents with copies of adoption certificates as soon as they are produced is compulsory for all agencies and all Councils.

I made a Freedom Of Information Request in 2017 and i am concerned that the errors are deliberate ommissions, made with a view to making children taken into state care untraceable.

Said link can be found here-

I am also inspired to do this because of Researching Forum's popular blog and said blog post here, where we can learn with newspaper articles shared here that there have already been illegal registered births; where an Adoption Agency has gone into voluntary liquidisation-


I am concerned that the same or similar could have also happened in England as well as Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Will you support me and sign my petition, because my family have been directly affected by this personally. Your family could have been affected too, where there has been 'alleged' adoption and your child could have really been in Long Term foster care all along, without your parental responsibility rights regards your consent.

It is very traumatic to go through and for the child allegedly adopted who deserve answers too, should they become to learn of such serious procedural errors and malpractice then they too could likely want answers. It can mean the rest of the family have had their human rights breached, with a right to private family life and a fair trial (HRA 1998/ECR for both Articles 6 and 8) as well as their identities interferred with too and families affected have a right to know where and if they have suffered a miscarriage of justice on top of such huge traumatic experiences already which was placed on them, regards forced 'alleged' adoption.

This could have affected any of you parents out there, who believe your child was adopted where it has been contested adoption. Any of you parents who signed Section 20 CA 1989 for whatever reason. At any given time you or your child could need Counselling because of it, through the shock.

The solution is, as already described and the only solution i can see is fit for purpose. I can only do this this with your support to help get your voices heard. Otherwise, should you have evidence to believe your child's 'alleged' adoption was illegal you are currently very likely to be told there is no jurisdiction to investigate re post adoption stage back at Family Court and you could be facing a Restraining or Restriction Order instead, without your written signed consent to agree to that being done. It could also be done with no time limit as to it's end.

I care because if it's affected my family and these other families here, then realistically it could have affected your family, your friend, your neighbour when no one deserves such injustice. Children also need to be traceable, to make their own choices when they older.

Please sign and share and help me say no to denied copies of Adoption Certificates, because/where- currently you can only retrieve copies if you know/knew the 'alleged' adopter(s) details.

I thank you for your support.



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Signatures: 107Next Goal: 200
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