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Rachel Maddow: Share the real story about sanctions on Iran


Rachel - you’re one of my heroes but last week my jaw dropped when you said that international sanctions had caused the Iranian people to fight for change. That's just wrong.

Iranians have been fighting for change long before the Obama administration imposed harsh sanctions on Iran.  Most notably in 2009 when millions in Iran took to the streets demanding change. 

Civil society in Iran, that's people who are pushing for change, have come out against the sanctions. Sanctions haven’t helped people to fight for change - they’ve made the lives of activists in Iran harder. 

Sanctions have shut down reformist websites, made it harder for change makers to access anti virus software to protect themselves from cyber government attacks, and have even hindered the spread of ideas by increasing the cost of books.

These policies have a real cost.  My family in Iran, along with countless other Iranians are suffering from medicine shortages and the huge increases in the price of food. Let's not support destructive policies like sanctions based on a false premise. Can you please have a follow up segment and set the record straight?

Letter to
Rachel Maddow
Dear Rachel,

The Iranian people's struggle for change pre dates the harsh sanctions imposed on the country by the Obama administration. These sanctions have come at a huge cost to ordinary Iranians as you said. Please have a follow up segment about Iran and note that millions of Iranians were fighting for change, some even at the cost of their lives in 2009.