Please devote 10 minutes a week to climate change news. This is urgent!

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Did you know there are dozens if not hundreds of climate change studies published every month? If not, you're not alone. We never hear about these findings. That's what this petition aims to change.

Climate change is the most serious threat to humans, plants, and animals, and the natural beauty that our planet gives us. Nonetheless, there is little coverage of climate change in the news, despite the fact that there is important news on the climate front every day. Shamefully, during the 2016 Presidential debates, there was not one single question about climate change. To see a sample of the climate news that is going unreported, just go to and paste "climate change NOT environment and climate change" (case-sensitive and without quotes) as the search term. There you will find listed a multitude of scientific reports on climate per month. Yes, they are highly technical, being scientific studies after all, but there are plenty of scientists willing to translate for the public. There is no excuse for the media silence on climate research.

One of the most sensible TV news hosts is MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. With a little encouragement, she seems the most likely to see the wisdom in devoting just 10 minutes per week to educating viewers with the latest facts about climate change. If she agrees, we'll have a "foot in the door," and other news shows will hopefully follow, finally giving climate change the attention it deserves. Let's give Rachel that nudge!

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