petition to modify current parking regulations in downtown Williston

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My goal for this petition is to create a more positively effective option for downtown parking in the city of Williston. After a lot of thinking and gathering opinions i believe i have come up with a solution that will benefit all parties involved. Currently the parking is regulated by 2-3 hour parking limits on the streets in front of the businesses downtown. If you stay parked in the space for more than the allotted time you are cited with a $20 dollar fine. I know $20 does not seem like much but the tension of being rushed is never a good feeling either. I am going to suggest offering permits for purchase to park in these timed spaces for an unlimited amount of time. These permits can be offered monthly, bi annually, or annually for a fee of a reasonable size. I believe this is the best option for many reasons; 1)this will be a positive way for the city of williston to gain revenue. 2)It does not do away with the current regulations so there will be no loss in terms of the money and time that went into purchasing and installing the signs or any and all other steps that were taken to enforce the current regulations 3)local businesses will no longer be affected negatively by the burden of fines when unable to leave work to move the vehicle and customers receiving fines while shopping, seeing a movie, being serviced at a salon etc. just to name a few. I understand there are a couple parking lots with unlimited spaces but they do get filled up very quickly and they're not as convenient (convenience is always appreciated) for employees (especially ones that have to tote their work necessities everyday) or others such as the elderly to have to walk blocks just to get to their destination. not to mention, and i think i am speaking for most women, walking 3 blocks to my vehicle late at night is not the safest or most comfortable situation. I wanted to create a solution that works for and accommodates everyone or at least most people utilizing the downtown area. I also understand that not everyone that needs to park for longer than the allotted time will benefit from a long term parking permit so i decided to add another option for those people. Day passes would benefit people who need to park in one spot for over the time limit for just one day. these passes can be offered for a smaller amount (suggested $2-$5) and will also be a positive way to bring revenue in or even a way to create jobs. there are many ways to distribute these passes such as: designating a certain person to be available (such as our parking maid but a stationary one), designating a specific business to sell them (such as city hall, the post office, the police station, the courthouse) or even a more modern choice like a kiosk (this is my least favorite because i am trying to create a lucrative solution versus one that would cost money). I truly believe this change would prove to be more efficient in many ways. I think it would create so many positive changes for Williston and its community. thank you for taking the time to read my proposal. If you have any questions, suggestions, comments or advice please email me at or my fb page fix the parking 2017.

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