Let Rachel return to her role at St Pauls Adventure Playground

Let Rachel return to her role at St Pauls Adventure Playground

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Why this petition matters

Started by Ashley Stewart


Rachel Davies wants to return to work at the St Pauls Adventure Playground but is being BLOCKED from returning by the voluntary management committee.

During Rachel’s time as Executive Director everyone involved, including the children, parents, staff and the local community, all agreed that the Playground saw some of the best years in its history and it played a very important part, at the heart of the community.

We are in desperate need of Rachel’s leadership, experience and skill set. The Playground is currently facing a staff shortage and there is a worrying level of mismanagement going on.

Rachel has asked to return to work, to help resolve problems and bring a clear voice to unify us to a common cause: of providing the best sessions we possibly can for the local children of St Pauls and to support and involve the local community in the project again. The voluntary management committee have refused to allow Rachel to come back to work at the Playground.

Signing this petition will show the voluntary management committee that the community wants Rachel back in her role and they will have to listen to our voice, this is a community project and our voice needs to be heard and our wishes respected.

This is about what's best for Ventures and the kids...

270 have signed. Let’s get to 500!