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To get Jeffrey John Sayson in Jail for Pedophilia and Alleged Rape.

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Jeffrey John Sayson is a local known online pedophile and alleged rapist who lives in Nashville, Tennessee. More than 30-40+ girls (including me, Rachel Chung) have been victims of Jeffrey either trying to sexually exploit underage girls as young as 12 years old by asking for nudes, or through a sex session via Skype or Facetime. He has potentially raped 2 young girls, and emotionally and mentally abused these girls and/or the victims repeatedly. He has recently made an "apology" post about the situation on his instagram (@shirtlesssenpai) about his issues but it is not really an apology at all. Through the post it is clear that he is victim blaming the underaged girls and briefly brushed on the topic of his pedophilia and rape, saying that " flirt and I flirt or I flirt and you flirt back." We have already tried contacting the Tennessee police about the issue but they are not listening to us. Please sign the petition to spread media awareness and to put Jeffrey Sayson in prison!

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