Protect ALL Madison County Iowa Residents

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Our Madison County is standing on the brink of major decisions impacting it's future.  We are asking our local officials to lead the way to maintaining and improving the health, safety, economic growth and general welfare of ALL of it's residents. 

By signing this petition you are:

1.  Asking the Madison County supervisors to halt the build of MidAmerican Energy's Arbor Hill Wind Farm within our county until the 2002 Madison County Comprehensive Plan is revised and completed according to the State Smart Planning Act of 2010.  If we don't have a current plan for our county, how can HUGE decisions with decades of effect take place?

2.  Asking the zoning commission to revise current setbacks for wind turbines to a safe and more reasonable distance from inhabited dwellings and property lines.  Current Madison County ordinances require a turbine setback of 1000 feet from an inhabited dwelling and 500 feet from a property line.  A more reasonable and SAFE setback would be 6 times the total height (combined tower and blade reach) of a turbine from an inhabited dwelling and 3.5 times the total height from property lines.  This formula accounts for future changing turbine dimensions.

3.  Asking for the protection of property values for ALL Madison County residents.  Property values are negatively affected by wind turbine proximity.  A detailed study was done by McCann Appraisal, LLC in the Quad Cities area.  The results showed significant reduction in property value up to 2 miles from nearest turbine. 

4.  Asking our county supervisors to protect the health of ALL county residents from adverse impact of audible noise and infrasound.  The World Health Organization has concluded that noise levels of 40dBA or higher will lead to diminished health.  MidAmerican Energy's audible noise limit is beyond 40dBA.

5.  Asking supervisors to provide evidence to the public of the need to permit placement of wind turbines for the Arbor Hill project on prime agricultural land. 

Thank you!

Madison County Coalition for Scenic Preservation