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Make the Raceway on Hwy 365 in Nederland safe to visit again!

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As a resident of Nederland, and a home owner in the neighborhood behind the store, I visit this shop quite often for gas and to pick up items quickly.  The past year, however, it's been very uncomfortable there and doesn't feel safe!  Nearly every time I go, I notice people hanging around outside the store and over by the pumps.  Begging for money, asking for rides, trying to sell you things, walking around & looking inside parked vehicles, some are even obviously intoxicated and/or impaired by other substances.  Many times, simply saying NO doesn't have much effect and the harassment usually continues.

On an online forum this issue was discussed and many people chimed in, explaining that they do not shop there due to this behavior.  I've brought this irritation to the attention of the store's staff on three different occasions, with varying degrees of success.  Others have, as well.  It doesn't seem to be a priority, which is why I decided to gather up the names of a few other residents who feel as I do, that shopping there is not worth it anymore, as long as the business feels unsafe to us.

If you are in agreement, please sign the petition.  I am going to request a meeting with the owner(s) to provide them with this feedback from the community.  Thank you.

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