Rabbi Shmiel Neiman, Please continue teaching us Torah!

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אחינו ביי ישראל! Dear Brothers and sisters of klal Yisroel!

Let's not let a true and fearless Torah source dry out!

Please sign this petition to let our chosheve and heilige Rabbanim know the truth.

We NEED the teachings of Rabbi Shmiel Neiman. He has been a light for so many very chassidish families, who are אפגעהיטן and יראים  ושלמים.

He has shown them the way of true Torah how to be נזהר in עניני קדושה, and  in every aspect of Torah.

He is a sample of a מורה דרך who is fearless and honest and will not move away from Torah no matter what the price is.

Rabbi Neuman has changed the lives of thousands of Jewish families!

He teaches Torah true values and has never failed to provide sources to his teachings.

Many Chassidish families have him to thank for their blossoming marriage, their healthy and knowledgeable approach to halacha and some for their adherence to Torah umitzvos bclall.

We are reaching out to our dear brothers and sisters; lets stand up for כבוד התורה! It is a tremendous חלול השם and we cant let it stand. We are sure that it was signed in innocence, and the חשוב'ע רבנים did not hear of thousands of families that Rav Neiman has taught and helped.

Aderaba if their is a Rav that can come out openly and tell us why this kol koire was signed - give us true and sturdy Torah sources to back it up and of course guide us in a direction על פי תורה, that is liveable and brings the health and peace the תורה הקדושה wants for us; then we are ready to listen and learn.