Get back to 2016 scheme and consider best two tests instead of 3 tests

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When we had joined the course in 2016, our scheme changed from the 2012 course and they told us they will not revert back to the old scheme as it is prohibited by AICTE rules. Similarly, AICTE rule states that we have to complete the course in the scheme which we started and no alterations should be made to it during the course. Now the top officials of the college have changed the scheme in between saying that they are autonomous and all other non-sense reasons in order to protect themselves. Initially, we had 2 compulsory test and 3 quizzes (written separately) and 1 compensatory test in case if someone has a valid reason and the best two would be considered. Now they have made 3 compulsory tests and no compensatory test and all 3 would be considered which is totally unfair as we students don't get enough time to concentrate on extracurricular activities