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Unban Reddit User /u/DabTJP from /r/SquaredCircle

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Reddit User /u/DabTJP has been banned from the subreddit, /r/SquaredCircle. Squared Circle, or Wreddit, is Reddit's top professional wrestling hub, where users come together to discuss all types of pro wrestling. Less than a month ago, reddit user /u/DabTJP posted his first post on /r/SquaredCircle, titled, "dethroning neville!!!!!" which received a fairly positive reaction. It was basically a 'Fantasy Booking' involving TJP. After two more posts, he became known more by the community, and by his third post, "tjp cruiserwait champion of the world part 4", he reached the front page of r/SquaredCircle with 227 upvotes. /u/DabTJP became a popular user, with other members of the community stating "I will be f*cking mad if mods ban OP" and other positive comments to keep up the good work. DabTJP did just that, providing amazing stories for users to enjoy and read, which almost always reached the front page. 

/u/DabTJP's most popular hit, titled "tjp the great part 7" got over 300+ upvotes, with an amazingly happy response from the community. People all over the forum began to know the name, /u/DabTJP, and looked foward to his new stories every day. 

TJ Perkins himself even stated "Hey, somebody has to." on his Twitter (@MegaTJP), and acknowledged the user.

7 days after his most well received post, Wreddit Mods began to remove some of /u/DabTJP's posts, which very well could have reached the front page, like his other masterpieces. /u/DabTJP was oblivious to the removal of his posts, and simply reposted them because he did not feel as if they were getting seen, and as a new user, he did know what to do. He simply reposted them.

On his final post so far, called "mods want to fight, we dine in hell tonight frellow tjps. this is war! tjp part 10 the fianle?", he called out the mods for removing his posts as he realized what was going on, later. Shortly after that, the mods removed it and banned /u/DabTJP for 14 days on /r/SquaredCircle.

"His post was removed because they should all have been replies to his original thread and not new posts.

He then continually reposted it without appealing via modmail which is what caused the ban.

It would have been avoided had he appealed through modmail the right way and kept all his fantasy booking into one thread" is what /u/Brian1zvx, a /r/SquaredCircle moderator, states. That is clearly not the case. There are many flaws in his logic, try to find them all. There are many toxic users, but a user trying to share his fantasy booking with the community is banned over other toxic trolls? Stop this injustice. /u/DabTJP does not deserve this. He was simply trying to share his fantasy booking with /r/SquaredCircle.

Stand with /u/DabTJP. Fight with him. Sign this petition to #freeTJP!

I wish to remain anonymous, and contacted /u/DabTJP to make this petition. And now, a word from the man himself, /u/DabTJP:

"sign its pls show mods theyy can no abuse power doo it for the dab i doont derserve this :(" - /u/DabTJP

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