Keep Susan Cressey As Principal at Kennebunk High School

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Susan Cressey has been a valuable educator and administrator in our three communities for 40+ years.  She has had a positive impact on generations of students in Arundel, Kennebunkport, and Kennebunk.  Through her leadership, KHS has been a recognized statewide leader in education with consistently top-ranking learning results.  

Over the past couple of years, there have been some unfortunate situations in our little communities that have caused us to recognize the failures of leadership by Superintendent Katie Hawes.  This has been well documented in independent investigations, by personal witnesses, and in many public forums.  In fact, these troubling issues have continued to follow Katie Hawes into her next job.  

Unfortunately, Dr. Hawes made every attempt to throw her subordinates under the bus throughout her demise.  To this day she continues to issue statements against the good staff members of RSU 21.  One of the people she has seen fit to smear in the public eye has been our beloved Principal, Sue Cressey.  One of Dr. Hawes most egregious acts at the end of her tenure at RSU 21 was to guide the School Board into forcing Mrs. Cressey to end her employment against her wishes.  After this school year she will be removed from her post, and Mrs. Cressey as well as our students, stand to lose out on so much from this cold action by an outgoing Superintendent. 

Let's let the School Board of Directors know that the stakeholders in our community would strongly prefer to keep Mrs. Cressey on as principal as long as she's willing to continue serving our students.  They should focus on finding a new Superintendant, who then can work together with Mrs. Cressey to help see RSU 21 move toward a prosperous future.