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Make Habitual Violent Felons Serve Full Sentences in R.I.!!!!

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On Feb 25,2012 my father Michael Parrish was murdered. He was defending the neighborhood from three habitual felons that were terrorizing the neighborhood. It is a quiet dead end street with small children that play and hard working citzens live. He told them to leave the area and minutes later they returned and killed my father. The three men: Schoonmaker, Schreffler and Abercrombie are all habitual felons, with repeating charges of felony assaults, assault on police officer, Felony arson, felony breaking and entering, and list goes on and on. These are violent criminals that are repeatedly let off on probation, which even that, they repeatedly violated. Yet these men were not in prison. If they had been serving the time they should have, my father would still be alive. My father was a kind hearted, peaceful man, hard working and a well known musician throughout R.I. Please help me fight to not only make sure all three of these violent habitual felons serve life sentences, but fight to keep this from happening!! Violent habitual felons should be in prison serving their time!!! It takes a death for them to go to prison??? The R.I. court system needs to make habitual felons serve their time in prison and not run free, so another family does not have to suffer like mine has.

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