PVC registration and collection at worship centres

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It is now clear to all of us, Christians all over Nigeria that we cannot continue to remain passive when it comes to the issues of governance because it affects our security, our prosperity, our health, it affects everything. It is now time for us to walk the talk. We must participate actively in the political process of this nation. All of us. For like the body without the spirit is dead, faith without works is dead.

Current data from INEC has shown that the larger christian south of Nigeria still have a high amount of uncollected PVCs and I dare say unregistered voting population. We can do something about it. 

We kicked out Polio in this country with an almost 100 percent success rate by a winning strategy. Rather than ask people to take their children to health centres to get vaccinated, the health officials went to meet the people. This strategy can also work for voter's registration. Because of the level of development and busy-ness in southern Nigeria, it is possible that people can't just seem to find the time to queue up for long hours to get registered for a lot of reasons.

I am calling on our church leaders to use their influence to get INEC to come to worship centres like it was done during the vaccination exercise. We would record more registrations, more collections, more voting and as a result more influence in governance. We can do this. 

Friends, please help share this petition so that it can get to our church leaders. We have the capacity to transform Nigeria. We will no longer wait and hope that the right thing is done. We will do it because Christ has given us the power. Please share.

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