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Fair treatment of its customers from Service stations

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Mandovi Motors (Maruti Suzuki Authorized service center), banglore had taken a vehicle ( Maruti Suzuki Baleno Rs) for service and had failed in their duty miserably.
The incident which was accidentally recorded on the said vehicle's dash cam later brought out the negligence and misconduct of the employees to general public. The following can be clearly inferred from the video.
1. The vehicle due for its free service which included checks of various systems were not carried out, instead the vehicle was merely washed and was delivered to the customer.
2. The employees of the institution made the vehicle a picnic spot by having their lunch in it. While at it, the vehicle's air conditioner was at its maximum.
Now, the above incident would have been enough for a brand like Maruti Suzuki, which has a reputation of achieving highest levels of customer satisfaction, to take actions so that the incident never happens again.
At first it appears this way by the numerous apologies the customer received from Mandovi Motors and top officials of Maruti Suzuki. But the fact is that their true intentions was just to convince the person to take out the video from internet so that their image will be saved. This is evident from the below email the person received.
"Dear Sir,
We refer to your feedback with respect to your car registration No.
As you are aware, to reassure you we have addressed all your concerns on the very next day in your presence. In view of this we request you to remove
the video uploaded in the social media sites.
We are sure you would appreciate that the video poses a security risk to our premises, infringes our right of privacy and also constitutes to violation of law.
We expect a positive response from your end by 8.00 p.m. today by removing the video uploads.
In the email the institution addresses the security risk and privacy rights the video threatens to endanger.
The question then is, if posting a dash cam video on internet which recorded premises of their institution is a violation, then how a person having lunch inside someone else's vehicle without permission not a violation. How can we make sure these does not happen to us unless we also install a dash cam on our vehicles.
While the person associated with this incident is not known to me nor this institution in question, but as consumers and as public I feel that we should not let this bullying of corporates deny us the justice we deserve.

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