Put an END TO THE BURNING of garbage and mitigate pollution.

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As many of you would have already observed, we see everyday usually early in the morning, someone or the other(ranging from BBMP workers to pricks) lighting up garbage or dried leaves  or plastic or waste rubber tyres, etc. which on a larger scale constitutes to a lot of pollution collectively. It is a fact that it is indeed a pollution in that particular locality, but nobody opposes/questions the one who set these things on fire. Moreover, nobody is even concerned in setting off the fire/smoke, because people are afraid to talk or spend 5 minutes doing it. I have been actively doing this whenever I see, but I really think avoiding this or putting a rule/fine against it, would eventually reduce the pollution happening due to this and probably bring an end to this. Not to forget requesting some small help from the fire station in setting off the fire in special/unhandleable cases and to educate the public regarding this.

Kindly join your hands in bringing up this petition for the air we all breathe.