Close the Gender Wage Gap

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The Gender Wage Gap is a serious and real issue:

Women all around the world are afflicted by gender oppression. The most prominent being the wage gap; women make less money and as a result suffer.

This is not fair. You should be able to make the same amount of money no matter your race, gender, or sexual orientation. 

How can we solve this problem?

It's simple, the Paycheck Fairness Act proposes a series of regulations to equalize remuneration across all genders:

  • requires proof from employers that wage differences are based on merit and not gender
  • prohibits reprisal against workers if they ask about wage practices or reveal their own wage
  • strengthens consequences for equal pay violations
  • has the Department of Labor help employers and collect wage-related data
  • allows additional training for Equal Employment Opportunity Commission staff to better identify and handle wage disputes

We direct our issues to R. Alexander Acosta, the Secretary of Labor at the United States Department of Labor. We hope through your support we can invoke change and eradicate discrimination in the workplace. Thank you.

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