Andorra in Eurovision 2021

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We all know that the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 was cancelled, but Jon Ola Sand promised us that Eurovision will be back better than ever.

A great way to accomplish that is to let Andorra participate in Eurovision 2021. Andorra has participated 6 times, before withdrawing in 2010. They have never reached the final, but they came closest to qualifying in 2007 when the microstate placed 12th. They did win the Barbara Dex Award in 2008. The reason that Andorra withdrew after the 2009 contest is that RTVA (the national broadcaster) announced a 10% reduction in its spending budget for 2010. 

But there is a chance that Andorra will return in 2021! In June 2020 RTVA announced that Andorra will not return due to unnamed reasons. The decision wasn't made by the broadcaster itself but by the Andorran government who owns RTVA. But there is hope! Susanne Georgi is ready to see Andorra return to Eurovision this year. She represented Andorra in Eurovision back in 2009. She uses the hashtags #MyFight and #WeCanDoThisAndorra. She states that she has secured funding from a foreign sponsor to let Andorra participate in Eurovision next year! She also says that the government hasn't said yes, but they also haven't said no

We are all in a very tough situation right now and Eurovision represents unity and hope for most Eurofans. That is why we would love to see Andorra return to the Eurovision Song Contest and we need your help! Please sign and share this petition everywhere to show RTVA that we really want Andorra back!