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Quorn are the largest meat substitute company in the world, having started back in 1985. Their products have always had egg in them, rendering them unsuitable to vegans & those unable to consume eggs. 

Many vegans & animal rights groups have petitioned them many times over the years, without success until recently. Campassion over killing from Washington DC managed to campaign over the issue & succeeded in making Quorn to produce a vegan burger, but so far only for the US market. It is NOT available anywhere else. 

This petition's aim is to get Quorn to bring the vegan burger to all the other markets it currently trades in, & to expand on that one product & create more. The company is based in the UK & has a massive product line here (over 500,000 quorn meals are consumed daily in the UK according to the Quorn website) so it seems absurd that they would only trial the burger abroad when there is such a large demand for vegan products in their domestic market. 

Ideally we'd like to see the removal of eggs from all of their products, but we're happy to get there one step at a time.

Letter to
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Quorn

Make your products vegan

All of you products contain egg whites, which contributes greatly to the suffering of animals.

I would like you to bring the vegan burger you currently produce in the states to all your other markets, & to include more products in the vegan range. By producing a vegan burger you have surely conceded that it is possible to make the mycroprotein without egg.

You have the opportunity to remove the bad reputation you have within the vegan/egg allergy communities and at the same time increase the company's profits by tapping into a new market (180,000 adult vegans in the UK alone).

I would ideally like you to remove egg from all of your products, but I understand that as your company is so large these things take time.



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