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Un-ban Brooke Schwartz from Quora

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A while back, while Quora user Brooke Schwartz was banned from the site for "Multiple Violations." Or, at least, that's the reason Quora Moderation gave for banning her account.

  • Brooke's account was on a hiatus, or temporary break, during the time of her ban, so it couldn't have been anything from that time period.
  • Brooke's answers, posts and blog posts do not violate any Quora policies.
  • Brooke has always been a supporter of the "Be Nice, Be Respectful" (BNBR for short) policy, which is one of the major reasons accounts are reported and banned.

Brooke Schwartz has not done anything that is deserving of Quora Moderation placing a ban on her account. Not only was she a great and relatable writer, but she has never violated any Quora policies. Therefore, Quora Moderation should lift the ban from her account.

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