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Fix Quora's Moderation Practices For Everyone.

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Quora is defined by its intents, to spread and gain knowledge, but more so it is shaped by its users, by writers. Such group of people is impossibly diverse. We are teenagers. We are adults. We are students. We are leaders. We are artists. We are Quorans.

What we are not is a demographic, so it is always perplexing to be treated as we are. Many of us can agree to say that although with the wellbeing of the community in mind, the current system is ill fitted to the individual. It is at the expense of devoted users that the website is moderated. It is a sacrifice most are willing to make, until it directly affects you. Until it is you who is banned or blocked. When it is your friend. When it is your mentor. Then, all of a sudden the logical fallacies become even more evident.

It is widely agreed that the BNBR rules are fair, warranted and just. They are of great importance to the Quora Community as they keep it a safe place for all to enjoy. It is also widely believed that Moderation is often far too strict with their punishments, bringing unneeded fear into Quorans who have done nothing wrong.

Many Quorans have lost their accounts for trivial reasons. They are accused of violating rules, when there is no evidence for such a claim.

We’re not here to oppose moderation, or BNBR. We have one, specific goal:

To urge moderation to act more fairly on reports, and to make Quora a better place. We aren’t doing this because we want to take advantage, all we want to do is to make Quora a better place.

We want Quora to:

  1. Publicize evidence for every appealed ban.
  2. Act more quickly to appeals on Quora.
  3. Create a more fair system to process bans, taking 1 month for one and 3 days for another is just NOT fair. It leads to anger against Quora and many good writers leaving forever.
  4. Unban recently unfairly banned Quorans or release the evidence for their bans.

Feel free to contact us at Cordially and add any other users who have been unfairly banned.

We call for you now to stand and address this issue. Moderation is flawed. They lack transparency. Often, their decisions seem inconsistent and even unfair. Small stands are at their most effective when they are the effort of a group, of a community. We urge you to sign this petition as an acknowledgement not only of unfairness but also as a reminder that this problem is not unsolvable and together we set to find a solution. We propose many useful solutions in this petition and hope that Quora is able to change for the better.

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