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Quit Giving Domestic Violence Offenders More Rights Than Their Victims: Bring Mary's Law to Florida and Help Bring Domestic Violence to an End!

"2 million injuries and 1,300 deaths are caused each year as a result of domestic violence" (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Center).

With over 2,001,300 victims a year, its time we do something about Domestic Violence.

Currently, 13 states, not including Florida, have a law in place called Mary's Law, which was first established in Michigan in 2008. Mary's Law, named after Mary Babb, was started after the murder of Mary Babb despite her efforts to keep her estranged ex-husband away. After Mary did everything recommended by State officials, including taking out a order of protection, and even with the court order in place, she still fell victim to the worst degree of domestic violence--Murder!

Marys Law works by allowing the court system to have "the option to use a GPS tether to track an attacker. The victim will also have one and will be alerted by phone if the attacker is close" (ABC News 12).  For many domestic violence victims, this law can be the difference of life or death, yet it has not been introduced to Florida.

According to the Florida Department of Corrections "The majority of Floridians believe that not enough tax money is being spent on the enforcement, prevention, or treatment of domestic violence [and they are right as the numbers prove]" (Florida's Perspective on Domestic Violence: Tax Payer Money and Prevention of Domestic Violence). This law could raise costs, but ask yourself, how many lives would be saved a year?  

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