Urrbrae Did Nothing Wrong

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[full disclaimer: this is not officially from the school, this is simply a student expressing his school pride.]

Recently, a petition about the condition of our animals was started stating that we were treating our pigs unfairly.

I can confirm that the points raised in the petition were untrue or otherwise unsupported. I have met the man who designed the pig shed, and he explained that the shed has been designed to keep the pigs cool in hot weather such as this, and to protect said pigs from direct sunlight, as they sunburn easily.

Other points raised in the article, such as the pigs apparently being frightened of humans are i can confirm, entirely false. And as for us treating them unfairly, I can honestly say without a doubt that during one of my agriculture lessons i stood and washed those pig pens myself.

Listen, I can understand people looking out for animal welfare, but I do beg that people will in future research the topic and look for the full story before clicking. This petition is mainly in place to raise awareness, and show another side to the story before anyone does anything to drastic.

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