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Open Campus for Quincy High School Students

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The administrators at Quincy High School have asked the school board to close campus so that students cannot leave during their lunch break. Open campus has been observed at Quincy High School for at least the last 30 years.  In this time not once has the school been in any legal turmoil due to student behavior or choices while off campus.  

The kids chose to walk up town to a couple of local businesses such as Butch's Pizza, the Snack Shack, the local gas station, and DQ when the season allows for it to be open.  There are a few kids who don't follow the rules; come back to school late, enter other student's homes, or don't come back to school at all.  Most kids in the high school use this time to unwind, talk with friends, or burn off energy.  I believe that we have to give our kids the ability to make good choices, show them how to be responsible adults.  We cannot lock them in the building like prisoners.  We have to show them how to be a functioning, responsible members of society.

There are benefits to have open campus:  

  1. Teaching kids time management.
  2. Giving them a break from the stress of the school day.
  3. Allows them to build trust with adults.  
  4. Gives them responsibility.
  5. Allows them to support local businesses that support them.

The administrators state the concern is they are responsible for your child during the school hours, which I agree to most extents.  They are concerned about being sued in the case something happens to your student.  Although the administrator pushing this could not give an instance where this has happened in the past.   What if you child doesn't come back to school, do you blame the school for not watching your child or at this point question your child as to why they didn't return to school?  

Kids returning back from lunch late are issued tardies, why don't they set a limit, 3 tardies and you lose off campus privileges for two weeks, a month, whatever seems reasonable.  The school closed campus due to fear of what might happen.  I believe there are other options versus punishing all kids for the actions of a few.  

Also the local businesses that this effects were not properly represented at the meeting and the school board was told they have no issues with closing campus, which is not true.  These local businesses are a staple of our community and they enjoy seeing the kids and keeping an eye on the kids.   The same businesses that donate time and money when need be for this same school system.

Please join me in showing our administrators that our kids deserve to have the right to leave the school campus and have the trust of the teachers that they will be responsible young adults acting appropriately in public while supporting local business.  

If open campus is not an option, AKA leaving school property, then we would like to come up with an alternative such as open gym for all students, middle school and high school.  Also creating an outside eating area for lunch weather permitting.  Looking for someone to supervise kids at the track area or grassy area outside.  We are open to ideas and suggestions.  This petition will be presented to the school board on July 17th at the regularly schedule school board meeting.  

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