.@Quikr Help Your @AtHomeDiva Staff have their Lunch On Time


.@Quikr Help Your @AtHomeDiva Staff have their Lunch On Time

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Sujitha S started this petition to Pranay Chulet (Co-Founder & CEO, Quikr) and

I'm writing this petition at 3 a.m. in the morning. I skipped dinner last night and woke up because I was hungry. Sleeping without dinner just for one night didn’t allow me to sleep.

Now imagine having to skip a meal, because of your nature of work; because you do not have the time to eat your meal.

My hunger made me write this petition.

AtHomeDiva, owned by Quikr, is a web-based platform to help customers book on-demand in-home beauty and styling services from trained and certified stylists in six metro cities.

So far I've made more than 10+ bookings, with a different stylist at different cities each time. I schedule my AthomeDiva stylist booking between 11:30am - 3pm. None of the stylists who visited me brought their lunch.

“When I asked the stylist their response was just that they will have it after their service , But I don't think so they would do so!

This left me a little shocked. As the stylist arrives at a customer preferred time slot, they don't have specific lunch time. Either they are on the road, or at a customer's place (where customer's don't have any idea of whether the stylist had their lunch or not).

“A hungry worker can't do his/her work with perfection".Staying hungry also leads to many health ailments.

It's shocking to see why Quikr has never given a thought about this. Due to paucity of time and space, so many women remain hungry throughout the day. All we need is to put a little heart and effort into this to bring it together.

At the end of the day the money that they earn is for their bread butter. I feel strongly that these hardworking women deserve all the three meal of a day.

Quikr being a reputed company , a little add on would make us feel more proud of you. We would happy if you just add a check-box in your AtHomeDiva website/app requesting the customer who have their services scheduled between 12:30-1:30 p.m to give 10 minutes lunch time for stylists to have their lunch."Let this checkbox be at Customer's discretion to decide". 

In case if you are not providing this option , the customers won't like to get their 10 minutes of paid time to be wasted. Ensure that you inform the customer that their service time doesn't get affected due to this.

Nothing else could make them more happier than eating their meal at right time. Implement this before Dec31,2018.

"I'm happy to give 10 minutes of time and space to my stylist .

Sign my petition to help them have their lunch at right time. Let’s join hands and end hunger in all small possible ways.

Sign it and share it.

#HealthFirst #NewYearGift #EndHungerTogether #itslunchtime

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This petition made change with 570 supporters!

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