Quicken Loan's discriminates against disabled Americans

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A disabled American applied for mortgage with quicken loans in 2016, disclosing disability and that real estate taxes had been lawfully deferred til sale based on disability. Quicken made loan, agreeing in writing. 2018 a refinance was applied for after years of all on time payments, again disclosing disability and tax deferral. After written approval and agreement, Quicken changed terms to demand accrued taxes be immediately paid. As this was impossible, disabled person declined loan. Quicken then reneged on 2016 loan terms, and again demanded deferred taxes be immediately paid threatening steps leading to foreclosure, although loan was not in default. After hiring expensive attorney Quicken suspended action, but threatened they may resume at any time. Apparently there is no legal recourse until foreclosure is already done! The Americans with disabilities act requires everyone make "reasonable accommodation" of disability, which the legislature has determined includes allowing the disabled to delay real estate taxes until sale. If you think Quicken should make the same accommodation of disability the legislature does, or if you just think Quicken has enough money without foreclosing on paid up loans, Please sign.