Allow Open Carry of Firearms at the Quicken Loans Arena during the RNC Convention in July.

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Our Petition To Allow Guns At The GOP Convention Failed

In spite of tremendous support from over 55,000 concerned patriots across the nation, our petition to spread freedom to Cleveland and beyond has failed. Apparently in Crooked Hitlary Clinton’s “politically correct” libtard America, some people would rather not be surrounded by high-powered semi-automatic assault weapons with high-capacity cartridges—and so the oppressive policies of Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s regime remain in place. We at Hyperationalist will continue to fight the good fight until all Americans are free to exercise their God-given Constitutional right to carry any kind of firearm, anywhere they want, at anytime of day or night. Read the full statement at—and join us in in our quest to speak truth to stupid. Connect with us via social media to learn about our future efforts to secure freedom for real Americans. Like us on Facebook at Follow us on Twitter Visit us at Sincerely, Hyperationalist

The Hyperationalist
5 years ago