Improve mental health care resources and guidance offices in QCSHS

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The mental health situation around the world leaves much to be desired. According to the World Health Organization Fact File, around 20% of the world’s children and adolescents have mental disorders or problems. The situation in Asia is worse, for the stigma surrounding mental health hinders discussion among other reasons. Mental health problems are most commonly found in adolescents, beginning in the earlier stages of life. Issues such as anxiety and depression are particularly common in this group. Inadequate human resources for mental health and a lack of public mental health leadership contribute to mental health concerns we face today.

The mental health resources available in QCSHS are lacking. The topic of mental health is forgotten or belittled, because our school sometimes forgets to consider the mental health of its students by demanding for far too much in very short amounts of time. It's highly possible that mental health issues arise among the students due to mental health neglect in favor of academic pressures and pursuits.

One of the requirements for our ICT class is to create a petition with at least 100 signatories that wishes to tackle a major issue found in the school. Given the reality of our mental health resources, our group saw the need for a change. Thus, this petition was created. 

Our group, Sophrosyne, aims to disseminate information regarding the status of adolescent mental health in the Philippines to the students of QCSHS. It also aims to raise awareness regarding proper mental health and mental health problems, specifically symptoms of depression and anxiety which are observed to be prevalent in the school; and resources for further mental discussion and help. Lastly, our group aims to urge the school authorities to provide a proper guidance office (a safe space) where students can consult and work with a mental health professional.

Our current non-existent mental health support system is flawed and is much to be desired. Staying silent only lets this grim predicament continue. It doesn't have to stay this way. Speak up. Sign now.

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