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Stop the run, relax and have fun!

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September is finally over now it's time to wake up! Just kidding but right now Quezon City Science High School had a luxury of celebrating it's 50th golden anniversary last month and it's only normal for a school to celebrate it's birthday right? But Kisay has other plans. Some of the students of the said school are disappointed because it was supposed to be a "grand" celebration being it's 50th anniversary and whatnot but what really happened is that the students, instead of being chill and cool, sat down and read books. Now ain't that sad? expecting something so big that it sadly did not turn out the way you wanted it to be? students of Kisay are really depressed after what happened thankfully there was one event that made up for it, but it's still isn't enough to satisfy the Scientian Community. Our aim here is to change the mentality of the administration of the school, that we are talented intellectuals who are capable of a lot of things, and that we are willing to do everything to raise the name of our school but in return we want you to step in our shoes and see the world in our point of view, understand that we as human beings want to enjoy life to the fullest and we can't do that if there are restrictions and limitations that surrounds us in our life. We are not saying that these restrictions and limitations are bad but too much of it is. As a Scientians we humble pledge that we will try to do all we can so that next year's foundation day will be a different story, Let the aim "Change the Mentality" spread throughout the school and to all of you who agree sign this petition now! let our voices be heard, stand up for what you know is right because we as human beings have the freedom and the right to do so.

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