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Queries and Concerns on the Fees Hike in Nirmal Bhartia School, Sector 14, Dwarka

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The Principal

Nirmal Bhartia School

Sector-14, Dwarka, Delhi


Sub:- Queries and Concerns for Fees Hike as per Notification DE.15(318)/PSB/2016/19786 dated 17th OCT 2017 by the Government of Delhi

Dear Ma’am

We all undersigned feel proud to be a part of Nirmal Bhartia Family. We further appreciate the management for always being a mature listener to the concern of parents in the past and anticipate the same in future.

In a recent notification DE.15(318)/PSB/2016/19786 dated 17th OCT 2017 by the Government of Delhi, DoE 7th Pay Commission needs to be implemented and a further notice was issued by yourself Circular No: NiBS/17-18/WS/37 to provide a clarification.

We are in for implementation of 7th Pay Commission and RTE but not at the cost of educating our children. We would like you to hear us out and understand the concern while finding an amicable solution in favour of every stakeholder. We appreciate the fact that the school idea is based out of community schooling and there will be no issues in sharing the information with the larger group consisting of all the stakeholders.

As per the notice DE.15(318)/PSB/2016/19786 dated 17th OCT 2017, point number

1(a) A fee hike is not mandatory for recognized unaided schools in the NCT of Delhi

1(b) All schools must, first of all, explore the possibility of utilizing the existing reserves to meet any shortfall in payment of salaries and allowances, as a consequence of increase in the salaries and allowances of employees.

1(k) also calls out that the managing committee of the school shall hold a meeting with the group of teachers and parents which would include at least one parent representative from each section of the school and will present

I. The detailed budget of the school,

II. Financial statements of the previous year,

III. requirements of funds for implementation of 7th Central Pay Commission’s Recommendations
IV. Availability of Cash/Reserve Fund/Savings with the School Fund Account

V. Present Proposal for Fee Hike

It further calls out to provide the minutes of meeting along with DoE’s Nominee and Parents’ Name and Signature who attended the meeting.

It also calls that the presentation of proposal shall not be construed as seeking the approval of Parents.

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We have few questions which needs to be answered before a fee hike is affected.

1. When was the Meeting Convened for the fees hike? Please share the details on website.

2. Who were the Parent Representative(s) and DoE representative who attended the meeting? Please share the signatures and names on the website.

3. Is the school running on Private Land or on DDA/L&DO allotted Land

4. Is their condition to seek prior sanction of Director(Education) before any fee hike

5. What was the Tution Fees as on 01.04.2015 and on 01.04.2016 for various classes? Please publish it on the School Website.

6. Please detail out the number of staff Teaching and Non-Teaching

7. Please detail out the Salaries of all the Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff in terms of Expenses

8. Since we are the stakeholders, we have a right to look at the operational and capital expenses (Liabilities) as well as Capital Assets of the school. Please list the balance sheet.

9. Please detail out Audited and Unaudited results.

10. What is the impact of the Staff Statutory Reserves (Leave, Gratuity and Teachers Reserve Fund) which you plan to increase in 2018-2019? Do you plan to collect these as arrears

We will appreciate your swift action in this regard as this information will be readily available with you because these are the points which have already been asked by the DoE before actually implementing any fees hike. We also appreciate the transparency being held and any Institution runs on the basic concept of Transparency and Trust.

As a next step we would like to understand the rationale behind the fees hike. We understand the fact that School is an entity which is answerable to its managing committee but is also answerable to the stakeholders/customers/clients due to which the entity is running.

The CAPEX is understandable for which the school is already charging a development and annual fees to the tune of 30-35K and 12-14K per child respectively for the development of Infrastructure. We as main stakeholders are not able to understand the OPEX against the current set of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff. And we sincerely hope that School will definitely come up with all the set of documents requested.

We want the ambiguity to be removed, if any. In this regard we will appreciate if school can defer the due date for the arrears till the matter is discussed.

Yours faithfully

Parents & Stakeholders of Nirmal Bhartia School


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