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Stop the sale of DJango Unchained slave dolls.

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Black people who were brought here from Africa did not come willingly. They were kidnapped, raped, murdered, lynched, ripped away from their families, and forced to work in extremely harsh conditions. Before the captured African natives even made it to the shores of the Americas, many of them died on the way from planking (bodies stacked upon bodies), famine and disease. Children born on the voyage to America were tossed overboard. They were looked upon as cargo not human beings!   

Even today many families who are descendants of African slaves have suffered atrocities while being in this country. Issues of racism, abandonment, displacement, lack of value of life and self-worth from families being disheveled plague African Americans today. Young and old. The trivailization depicted in these dolls further is makes a mockery of our ancestors bloodshed, strife, pain and suffering.  

Simply, these companies and entities are capitalizing off of the bloodshed and sufferings of African slaves. In return, these companies are giving nothing back the sufferings of the decendents of African slaves. Ask yourself, why aren't they offering 100% of the profits to go back to the families who are descendants of the African slaves brought here. Or why not give the profits to the African American communities across America who suffer from lack of resources and opportunity that disenfranchises our communities? What are these companies giving back to you, your family and community to strengthen positive growth and opportunity?  

This petition is created to educate and stop the further desensitization of the pain that our ancestors endured behind being slaves in America. Generations have suffered and are still suffering till this day. I can't even imagine what my ancestors with through. My heart is heavy with the amount of despair, pain and trauma they had to live through for hundreds of years (1619-1865). Would you have made it?  

In closing, the premise for making a profit off the sufferings of our ancestors holocaust is simply wrong. Slavery was not fun nor was it comical. When are you going to stand up and say..enough is enough!!! Let not their sufferings and blood be in vein. Change starts with you. Today.


Tenaya Jackson

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