Special Awards for disabilities students from Level 1 to Level 7 to 10.

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Over the years, students with disabilities have been developing the education system's approach from special schools to mainstream schools and becoming independent role models within their chosen careers. Since recent research that current ratio of children born with disabilities or challenges is sitting at 5.1 (and is expected to increase to 4.1) this has put pressure on the management of each case within education system. A student might start at level one (Special Education School) and get changed or transfered to a State School with a Special Education Unit, then moved to a mainstream level of education, due to the self-advancement of their growth toward higher education.

This also applies to changing situations from a cases by case assessment during High School. Some may make it with a high OP or GPA scores, however most tend choose the safe way by going though college (TAFE) or get apprenticeship in a trade to achieve level 5 to 6 or 7, via a Diploma or Advance Diploma at TAFE, then linking into university levels of 7 to 10 (Undergrad to Masters Degree) at the chosen university. In the last 50 years, the number of students in started in special schools and made it into high schools has dramatically increased, and we want to celebrate that.

Despite this impressive development, universities do not have dedicated awards for those students who rose from Level 1 Education to Level 7 to 10 academic levels at graduation. I'm calling the Executive Dean of Faculty or Executive Team Board of Queensland University of Technology, to recognise these student with disabilities within Queensland and wish to enrol into QUT for the future, that they should get "Special Award" for the countless years of going though from level 1 education to 7 or to 10 at the graduation ceremony with average GPA of 4 or 6+. Including to grant these student promising future to ensure the future generation have motivation to create new inspiration stories for fellow students from all background of life.

Current requirements:

- None and there no available awards for this special circumstances available.

Requesting changes:

- Transcript required to demonstrate the student came from Level 1 or Level 2 with special education unit.

- The students has completed a Level 7 or to 10 with GPA of 4 and higher.

- Ensure student with challenges gets awarded correctly such as scholarship funds or undertake further research or career opportunity within chosen university limits.


- Boosting the engagement levels between mainstream and people with challenges to socialise and demonstrate that students are people and just want to be people.

- It will open doors for the community to help fellow students to achieve better results for the future studies and ensure they are welcome. Including future research to improve the education system from Level 1 to 10, to support the changing demographic needs.